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Discovery of talent




Manage and monitor

Control spending

Blindness benchmarking

Uncontrollable assets

Simplest way to boost your marketing


Your marketing goals and budget.



The best marketers in your niche and geo.



Your marketing couldn't be in better hands.


A paradigm shift in marketing management

Find best talents

Easily find the marketing talent expert in your field and compare them to others

Build workflow

Set your marketing workflow on autopilot as Selectom manages your budget and campaigns

A/B testing

Make sure you’re a match made in heaven – test and compare several marketers simultaneously

Monitor and manage

Monitor your marketing efforts in real time and optimize them throughout the entire process


Forget about salaries and retainers – only pay for the work done

Own your assets

Need to change marketers? No problem – you’re the owner of all your marketing assets

A paradigm shift in marketing management

Selectom provides us the agility we need to staff up fast with top-notch marketing specialists. As a business, this gives us the peace of mind required to deliver quicker results. Highly recommended.

Tom Gan
CEO and founder Homestyle

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Pinpoint the right talent, with the right expertise from around the globe to join your marketing team


Reduce costs, implement efficiency-driven marketing practices and amplify your marketing ROI


The market is constantly changing - make sure your business adapts easily and embraces flexibility as an advantage with immediate time-to-action and real-time optimization


Ensure your team focuses only on the essentials - maximizing productivity and allowing for the most efficient time and task management

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